Trail of the Gunners is out—in print and ebook

Trail of the Gunners, the second book in The Gunners Trilogy, is now available in print and ebook.

What’s this trilogy about? Book II picks up where Book I, Gunners of the White Cliffs, ends. Here’s a short introduction to the story:

Gunners of the White Cliffs is an adventure / suspense story about a tracker hunting an assassin in the present, and a young knife fighter known as a hunter, who is trying to protect the villages around him from hostile incursions in the distant future.

The tracker discovers that his target has targets of his own: While the tracker is hunting the assassin, the assassin has his sights on a peculiar girl with an unusual ability to decipher complex patterns. The knife fighter, hiding in solitude in a mountain pass, is jolted into action when enemy kill squads chase two girls to his doorstep.

Are these encounters mere coincidence, or are they connected? The dual time frame sets an overarching theme of connections, both in the characters’ immediate surroundings and across time.

If you like adventure stories with plenty of action, but with characters that you care about and want to root for, you’ll like Gunners. When you finish, you’ll want to pick up Book II, Trail of the Gunners, and keep reading.

Buy | ebook | $2.99 [Free on Kindle Unlimited]
Buy | paperback, 440 pages | $16.95

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Interested in Book II, but haven't read the first book yet? You can pick up your copy of Gunners of the White Cliffs here.


Trail of the Gunners, by Todd Woofenden

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