Gunners Book I Due for Release This Year

The first book in The Gunners Trilogy is complete. Gunners of the White Cliffs is in the capable hands of my copy editor, and will be ready for formatting soon.

My thanks to everyone who has supported the effort, including early draft readers, whose input has been invaluable.

Those of you who know me for my nonfiction work on the study of WWI submarine chasers will find that this is completely different. If there is a similarity, it's that my book on subchasers covers the topic by telling the story of the chaser sailors and of my great uncle, chaser captain, in particular. I didn't want to write a dry dissertation on this incredibly exciting period of history. The stories themselves are much more compelling than the facts about them.

Gunners tells different stories. I hope you will enjoy reading about the world of the hunter of the northlands and the young tracker as much as I've enjoyed writing their stories.

What genre? Adventure. If you put a hunter's blade to my neck, I will say, adventure.

But that doesn't really tell you anything. I can tell you that there are touches of fantasy / sci-fi, but it's not a fantasy story, and it's not sci-fi. There are no fairies, vampires or zombies, and the story does not take place on a mysterious, remote planet's dystopian, apocalypic landscape. There is an underlying theme of time, but there is no time machine. Not that I have anything against vampires, zombies, or distant planets; and I've read my share of dystopia and time travel novels. But that isn't what this book is about. So: I'll stick with adventure, for lack of a better choice, and you can tell me if I got that wrong, after you read the book.

I like stories that are plot driven, but have characters that pass the blow-up test.

Blow-up Test: If the character all of a sudden were to blow up, would you care?

Not every single character has to be fascinating and indispensable, of course. After all, I bet there are peripheral people in your own life who, if you're honest, don't really pass the blow up test, right? Not that you want them to blow up, necessarily ... But the point is, plot alone doesn't do it, and characters alone don't do it, either.

If you like a straight-up adventure story with interesting characters and a fast pace, I think you might like this.

Todd Woofenden

Running through the forest isn't easy. You better have good shoes.

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